Marketing tips in 2018

Businesses have adopted social media, direct email. blogs and a whole host of online ads to drive inbound sales to their business.

Is your marketing efforts working for you and are you wasting money with little results to show for the effort into creating a strategy with a compelling message.  A recent study of marketing in 2017 demonstrates that amongst noise and amount of online media content people are not reading everything that comes their way.   You need to find a new way to draw in an audience.

Business is done people to people and the best way to get someone to stop and notice you is via an image with impact and a word or a short message to incite interest and for them to learn something new.  Stock Photography is a great resource but finding the right image that aligns with your brand and style of your company can be hard to find.   Choosing popular stock images also runs that danger of just looking the same as your competition.   One great example of bespoke image creation aligning with the company brand and message is Lloyds Bank where they have created a series of lifestyle images with children processed in their unique green tint to ensure brand recognition.  To the extent that an image could stand on its own and you would instinctively associate it will Lloyds Bank.

Not everyone has the marketing budget of Lloyds Bank but choosing a good photographer with an understanding and vision for your company can produce just as impactful results if given the creative freedom to deliver your branded image library.  So go be daring and don’t follow the crowd, go challenge a photographer to create your vision and stick to your branding and you will see the results.


Customer Testimonial

People do business with people they know, like and trust.  In this digital information age how do you get people to know about you, your products your service ?

Social media marketing is great for spreading the word but so much time and money is wasted targeting the wrong clients.   First identify your ideal client and market to them but the trick is to find out where your clients go to search for your services.  Times have changed and we can only capture people looking for your product.  In my years for running my own professional photographer business traditional advertising works for large well known brands.  Traditional business listings do work but only when people are looking for you.  At the end of the day once people have learnt about you from social media, marketing, adverts or word of mouth they will come to your website to check you out.

Your website needs to look professional and engaging with quality photographs and videos.  Further more customer testimonials are vital to showing your prospects what you do and build trust.  Ideally sort out the skills of a professional marketing and PR service to help spread the word.  But be careful and ask them for references for someone in your industry and contact them to find out how successful the marketing and PR campaign was for the business.

Below images are examples of photographs I have created for a London based housing development company to display customer testimonials with professional photos create by Mark Dolman Photographer for Annington’s High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire development.

For more details see

Customer testimonial marketing PR photography

Testimonials Annington Homes


Where to print photos

Do you know where to Print Photos ?

If you have recently got married or been to a special occasion and want to print off your photos at the highest quality then reed on.

Are you tired of the poor flat colours you get from the high street photo print kiosks.

When you compare high street photo prints from kiosk at Boot, Tesco’s or where ever you print to a professional photo lab you will see they are worlds apart.   Printing photos at home is great fun but I found when you frame the print and leave it in the day light for a number of months or years they will fade.

If you have experienced this then you need to find a professional print lab for best results.  I have tried most of the online print labs over the year and have found one that consistently give me great results.  When printing photos you do get what you paid for but you need to have an account with the best labs so this is not open to everyone.

Mark Dolman Photographer is now offering simple service to print your photos at our preferred photo labs.

You simply upload you images to our online gallery where we will ensure your photos are enhanced and calibrated for light correction, straighten and sharp.  Preview you images before ordering online.

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Dont take a chance with your wedding photos.  If you want your photos to last for years then use our online print service with a 50 year guarantee not to fade.

If you need assistance getting photos off you phone or iPad etc then get in touch and we will be happy to help.


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Delivered by courier direct to your door within 48 hours

Where to print photos in chesham, Where to print photos in Amersham, Where to print photos in Aylesbury, Where to print photos in London, Where to print photos in Reading, Where to print photos High Wycombe, Where to print photos in Watford, Where to print photos in St Albans, Where to print photos in Oxford.

A Glitz & Glamour Wedding Show at Pinewood Hotel

Yesterday at the Pinewood Hotel  in Buckinghamshire was the first ever wedding show hosted by Ultimate Wedding Magazine with all proceeds going to Make a Wish Foundation.  With a hollywood inspired theme including Paparazzi Photographers and life size carboard cutouts of hollywood stars the wedding suppliers really took on board the Glitz and Glamour of Hollywood in their stride to put on a real show.  This unique event brought together an amazing array of wedding suppliers and attracted 100 brides to personally meet and experience what the suppliers had to offer.  The Wedding Show was so well received we all demanded the Editor of Ultimate Wedding Magazine to tell us when the next show will be held.  I can honestly say I have never been to such an upbeat and fun wedding show before.  On display were, wedding singers, musicians, fire eaters, magicians, a casino, DJ, amazing wedding cakes, wedding photographers, jewellery, bridal wear, makeup artists, photobooth camper van, florists, designers of all manner for all your wedding needs.  If you are planning to get married then you must look out for the next event to find hand picked local wedding suppliers.

Click here to see some snaps of the Wedding Show

About Mark Dolman
Mark Dolman is a wedding photographer in Buckinghamshire for natural journalistic wedding photographing in London, Watford, High Wycombe, Slough, Windsor, Marlow, St Albans, Iver, Rickmansworth, Amersham, Chesham, Aylesbury, Berkamstead, Hemal Hempsted, Herfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire

Chesham town has never looked so good by Chesham Photographer

Chesham Photographer Mark Dolman has complied a series of local images to show the beauty of this unique town.

Chesham is special market town with a unique community feel in the Chilterns Hills of South Buckinghamshire which is surrounded by countryside and situated in the Chess Valley.  Many people pass through Chesham daily without noticing its charm. As a photographer in Chesham I have really started to appreciate the beauty around us and continually search for new locations to show off what Chesham has to offer.  Below is my story of how it all started.


A couple of years ago we had heavy snow fall in Chesham and I was unable to get to work and my picture agency wanted some snow images for the press.  So off I went to photograph Chesham in the snow.  Sadly the photos we not used as I think every other press photographer was doing the same on that day but what follow has be quite remarkable.  The following year I was approached by Chesham Museum who wanted some images for their Charity Christmas cards and I provided them gladly for a credit on the back of the cards that now regularly sell out every year.  Since then a couple of other businesses have commissioned me to create local interest greeting cards and calendars. At the time of writing this I have just been approach by a local magazine and will be supplying them with images of a regular basis and will be going further afield to capture the surrounding areas including, Amersham on the Hill, Old Amersham, Coleshill, Winchmore Hill, Penn Street and Little Chalfont.

While scenery and landscape photography is not my main genre, I make my living photographing people at weddings, portraits, pr events and news journalism.  I take local photographs purely for pleasure that has enabled me to meet and work with some great people in our community.  I would love to hear from you if you have a favourite spot in these areas and think it is worth of being photographed for calender shot. Also if you are looking for a photographer in Chesham to photograph you family or business then I would be more than happy to help.  Many local photography studios have closed down in the area and I will soon be announcing a new studio location in Chesham that I hope will grow and become a permanent fixture and start employing a team of local talent as we grow the business.

Below is a galley of images taken by your local Chesham photographer Mark Dolman which were taken in all seasons and I will post new galleries through the year as I get around the other areas.


Are you looking for some wedding design inspiration

Are you looking for inspiration for your wedding day then checkout Mark Dolman Wedding photographer in Chesham captures natural and candid moments through a journalistic approach to wedding photography.
In the wedding photo gallery below I have taken the best bits of all the recent weddings I have photographed and created a gallery for wedding venues and Wedding themes containing wedding cakes, flowers, cars, entertainment and tableware.  The wedding collections will grow over time so bookmark this page and come back again.

To see all the Wedding Venue galleries Click Here

Venues Featured include:

  • Heatherden Hall Pinewood
  • Harpenden House
  • Phylis Court
  • Sopwell House
  • The Sun Hotel Hitchin

For Wedding Theme’s, cakes, flowers, tableware, entertainment and more Click Here

Mark Dolman is a wedding photographer base in Chesham, Buckinghamshire serving all surrounding counties,  in Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey and London.

With a natural and reportage style and journalistic approach to weddings that is gentle with your guests and simple wedding photography packages for digital image only or digital story book albums including digital files.  Contact us today for a no obligation meeting to view our sample wedding albums  in your home or at your venue and discuss your wedding photography package.