Chesham town has never looked so good by Chesham Photographer

Chesham Photographer Mark Dolman has complied a series of local images to show the beauty of this unique town.

Chesham is special market town with a unique community feel in the Chilterns Hills of South Buckinghamshire which is surrounded by countryside and situated in the Chess Valley.  Many people pass through Chesham daily without noticing its charm. As a photographer in Chesham I have really started to appreciate the beauty around us and continually search for new locations to show off what Chesham has to offer.  Below is my story of how it all started.


A couple of years ago we had heavy snow fall in Chesham and I was unable to get to work and my picture agency wanted some snow images for the press.  So off I went to photograph Chesham in the snow.  Sadly the photos we not used as I think every other press photographer was doing the same on that day but what follow has be quite remarkable.  The following year I was approached by Chesham Museum who wanted some images for their Charity Christmas cards and I provided them gladly for a credit on the back of the cards that now regularly sell out every year.  Since then a couple of other businesses have commissioned me to create local interest greeting cards and calendars. At the time of writing this I have just been approach by a local magazine and will be supplying them with images of a regular basis and will be going further afield to capture the surrounding areas including, Amersham on the Hill, Old Amersham, Coleshill, Winchmore Hill, Penn Street and Little Chalfont.

While scenery and landscape photography is not my main genre, I make my living photographing people at weddings, portraits, pr events and news journalism.  I take local photographs purely for pleasure that has enabled me to meet and work with some great people in our community.  I would love to hear from you if you have a favourite spot in these areas and think it is worth of being photographed for calender shot. Also if you are looking for a photographer in Chesham to photograph you family or business then I would be more than happy to help.  Many local photography studios have closed down in the area and I will soon be announcing a new studio location in Chesham that I hope will grow and become a permanent fixture and start employing a team of local talent as we grow the business.

Below is a galley of images taken by your local Chesham photographer Mark Dolman which were taken in all seasons and I will post new galleries through the year as I get around the other areas.