Fathers Day Gift

Amazing idea for Fathers Day gift. If your dad loves to take photos and you are stuck for an idea as he has all the latest gadgets then this may be the best thing you will ever give me.

People say the most important thing you would save if your house was burning down are your photos (after your family of course). These days this means lugging out your computer, scrambling under the table to find the external hard drive, searching the house for your phone, finding the iPad under the bed. Then fumbling through bags and coats for memory cards and of course your camera because you haven’t downloaded the photos yet.

Try this yourself, go now and grab all your devices in your house that store photos. If you are not back in 4 seconds then its game over.

As a pro photographer I use SmugMug to store all my clients and my personal images. You can too have a SmugMug account and chose the basic plan for personal photos and sleep safe knowing all your cherished photos are safe.

Whats even better is you can still share your photos to facebook or where ever via intelligent links so you know your images are safe and only seen by the people you want to see them. Even better is you can create one account for your whole family and post images via email from any device. SmugMug is very easy to use and they have real live people online 24/7 to help you with your gallery.