Marketing tips in 2018

Businesses have adopted social media, direct email. blogs and a whole host of online ads to drive inbound sales to their business.

Is your marketing efforts working for you and are you wasting money with little results to show for the effort into creating a strategy with a compelling message.  A recent study of marketing in 2017 demonstrates that amongst noise and amount of online media content people are not reading everything that comes their way.   You need to find a new way to draw in an audience.

Business is done people to people and the best way to get someone to stop and notice you is via an image with impact and a word or a short message to incite interest and for them to learn something new.  Stock Photography is a great resource but finding the right image that aligns with your brand and style of your company can be hard to find.   Choosing popular stock images also runs that danger of just looking the same as your competition.   One great example of bespoke image creation aligning with the company brand and message is Lloyds Bank where they have created a series of lifestyle images with children processed in their unique green tint to ensure brand recognition.  To the extent that an image could stand on its own and you would instinctively associate it will Lloyds Bank.

Not everyone has the marketing budget of Lloyds Bank but choosing a good photographer with an understanding and vision for your company can produce just as impactful results if given the creative freedom to deliver your branded image library.  So go be daring and don’t follow the crowd, go challenge a photographer to create your vision and stick to your branding and you will see the results.