What is the meaning of a Wedding posy

Since Queen Victoria’s day posy’s became a fashion accessory for women but go back further and you will learn that every flower has a meaning and men gave a small posy to the one he loves as a gesture to show her his interest with a hidden message in the flowers he gave. So be careful chaps black rose look cool on Ozzy Osbourne but not appropriate for your wedding day. In todays wedding flowers are normally chosen by the bride a who often choose their favourite flower or have the same as their mother. At last year’s Royal Wedding the Duchess of Cambridge chose flowers that reflected her relationship with Prince William. She chose lily of the valley (return of happiness), ivy (fidelity) and Sweet William (gallantry).”

I would love to see a return of the groom sending a bouquet of flowers to his bride on the wedding morning with its hidden message in the flowers and a little note of love.

Grooms if you want to try and wow your bride then check out Wikipedia for the language of flowers.